Nulab Inc.

Core Team
Me in UX Design, Growth and Product Management for Cacoo web app
Shinsuke Tabata, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer
Takashi Someda, Growth Engineer
Ryuzo Yamamoto, Senior Software Developer and Serve Engineer
Makoto Hirayama, Cacoo web app Technical Product Owner
Siska Hines, Senior Product Designer
Sandra Yeh, Social Media Manager

How might we design and implement an infrastructure that enables us to design qualitative and quantitative user research experiments, collect and analyze user data to support Product Development's goal of engaging and retaining users? 

How might we redesign the onboarding experience for new, paying users?

Web analytics and messaging infrastructure for
qualitative and quantitative user research
Onboarding UX/UI
Art Direction


Building and growing relationships
with stakeholders to identify and empathize

Cacoo is a web app hand-crafted by Nulab, that lets individuals, schools, and teams create and share diagrams and wireframes online. When I came onboard as one of Nulab's first five hires in its new office in New York City, I dived right in to help Cacoo build and grow relationships with its users in the US and Latin America by

  • Co-organizing with UX Lab NYC a UX/Usability testing workshop for 30+ UX Designers to learn how Designers used our web wireframing app in their design process, and share their feedback on how we might improve our app's user experience for Design and Product teams.

  • Co-organizing with the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering high school a UX/Usability design challenge to learn how 50 students used Cacoo, and challenged them to create new prototypes for improving the product's UX/Usability.

  • Speaking, exhibiting, and sponsoring events such as NY Tech Day, Japan-NYC Startups Meetup, Latin America Startups Meetup, to learn about the startup ecosystems and build relationships with stakeholders in New York City, Japan, and Latin America.

  • Managing PR engagement with Social Atom Consulting to build Cacoo's online and media presence and engagement with users in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil--three countries of which accounted for the majority of Cacoo's 1+ million users.

Interview with Brian, a high school teacher at Bronx Academy for Software Engineering, who uses Cacoo with his computer science class.

Designing and building a viable
infrastructure for user research

I researched and vetted the best technologies that would help us answer our most critical business questions. Collectively we chose Mixpanel and Chartio for web user analytics, and Intercom for communicating with users.

Together, I worked with our Engineers to strategically design and implement these technologies: 

  • Which target subsets of users do we want to onboard first and what do we want to know about them?

  • What actions do we believe users should take to get authentic value from our paid services?

  • How should we track and monitor these actions for patterns and insight?

Below is a diagram of the infrastructure we designed and built


What we accomplished

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -Helen Keller

Through the relationships we built with our users, the insightful feedback they shared, and the data we gathered from our analytics, I led our Product team on several initiatives to grow and retain our paid user base: 

  • New individual paid trial that onboarded 900+ users in 2 months

  • Email campaign to promote individual paid trial to our 10,000+ existing free and active users

  • Multi-language support, new credit card payment method and multi-currency support on Cacoo's website to offer flexibility and ease for our global user base

  • Redesign of Cacoo's website to better storytell how Cacoo can help creative individuals, schools and businesses collaborate on their ideas visually