Core Team
Me in Web Design, Art Direction, Visual Identity, and Illustration Branding
Kunal Malkan in Front-end, and Wordpress Development
Anish Patel, Founder and CEO

How might we redesign the visual identity, experience, and key interaction features of a nonprofit website where people can learn how to get involved in educating children behind bars across India?

Website, Visual Identity, Illustration Branding, Logo, Photo Retouching


"Roxanne recently designed the new website for our organization, Uplift Humanity India, and we are so pleased with her work! One of her greatest skills is her ability to understand the industry of the client and incorporate that into the design of the website. She brought a high level of creativity and personality to the project while still being open to our feedback. As an individual, she is very easy to work with and very responsive, which helped move our project forward quickly. We highly recommend her as a designer.”

Anish Patel, Founder and CEO, Uplift Humanity India

Uplift Humanity is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering juveniles and orphans in India to break the cycle of relapsing back into criminal behavior (recidivism) and achieve their full potential through education. Youth empower youth through hands-on education, peer mentoring, and technology training. 

As Uplift Humanity was reaching its five year mark, they realized the need to evolve and strengthen the current brand to reflect the nonprofit's vision, mission, work, and community that's come to embody Uplift Humanity. 

In parallel to this rebranding exercise, the website needed to be redesigned to reflect the new brand and support the goals that Uplift envisioned for the website: offering multiple, easier ways for people to donate to their cause, and creating a more compelling look and feel for their growing diverse audience.


Drawing inspiration from India
to create a visual identity

To build the color palette, I looked to the Indian spices and saris (a cloth dress worn by Indian women) for inspiration. In choosing a typeface pair, I wanted to find a Handwriting font that gives a human, playful, and inviting feel to the brand while balancing that with a clean, readable, and elegant typeface.


I wanted to incorporate elements of the Indian culture in the logo symbol, and found the elegance and beauty of Hindi calligraphy. From this inspiration, I started playing with how the "U" in Uplift and "H" in Humanity would be laid out in harmony like Yin and Yang.

As I started playing, I found additional inspiration in the words themselves and how might it look like to 'Uplift' 'humanity'. I then added color and used the Heebo typeface for 'Uplift Humanity' to unify the logo with the nonprofit's new branding elements.

Inspiration from Hindi calligraphy